My name is Blythe Winslow, and I'm the lifestyle photographer behind HELLO LOCATION.

When I shoot, I shoot hard.  I get so excited about great light or genuine smiles, and I can sometimes forget larger details, like changing my aperture or really looking around to see where I am.  Because I've discovered this about myself, I've become a planner.  I plan poses in my head and write them down on a cue sheet.  And, too, I really mull over the shoot location when I plan to shoot outside. And that's why HELLO LOCATION exists.  It serves a real purpose for a real need.  Whether you're a professional or a hobbyist, knowing great shoot spots around the U.S. and beyond can up your game.

And?  Look around and take a gander at some of the finest professional lifestyle photographers (or even hobbyists!) around.  Their images are right here, ready to inspire.  Every image has been hand selected by me, and each photographer has graciously provided shoot location information as well as technical information about how they got the shot.

Why have they done this? It's true: some photographers are close with information about props or Photoshop techniques or even photo shoot locations.  But what the photographers on this site know, I think, is this: creativity is as unique as the individual who possesses it, and no one can take that away. Even my city is on the list! I've asked myself, "If every photographer in my city--Cincinnati--had the exact  address of every great photo spot, would  that hurt Blythe Winslow  Photography?" NO!   Believing that giving away the address for a photo  shoot location or a  tip about a prop (or a lens or a setting or a  camera) might somehow  lessen my abilities or anyone else's is just  plain condescending to the  art of photography and the individual nature  of creativity in general.  No one shoots like me (or you), no matter what.

So here's me, one photographer, giving back to you and the community  of photographers at large.  You deserve it.  You've worked hard.   You've got your fancy camera and your fancy lens(es) (probably...), and you  work your little bum off.  You're probably also part graphic designer,  part web designer, and part clown (in the case of child photographers,  at least.)  Heck.  You Photoshop boogers.  You lay on your back and  shoot up, even when the grass is wet (I did that the other day).

So please, enjoy!  If you'd like to be featured on this site, see the SUBMIT link above.  I'd love to see what you're up to.