This tip was created by photographer Blythe Winslow.

{TAKE NOTE} The instructions for this PVC newborn backdrop stand have been created to accomodate the dimensions of most newborn posing beanbags such as those made by SHOOT BABY! and the NEWBORN NEST. Dimensions for these bags are 40" in diameter and 12" high, unfilled.

The stand is portable, as the joints do not have to be glued together to be stable. I just set up my PVC stand today (all materials under $17 via Home Depot and one specialty website listed below), and it took approximately 5 minutes to set up! Super easy. I recommend that you transport it in a regular backdrop carrying case or something similar, as the PVC pipes are a bit hard to carry by themselves.  The two best things about this stand are the price and the "side rails," which allow you to clip your blanket tight.

What you'll need:

7 44" long pieces of 3/4" PVC

4 19" long pieces of 3/4" PVC

2 24" long pices of 3/4" PVC

4 bend joints, image #1 above

2 "T" joints, image #2 above

4 3-way corner joints, image #3 above (these joints aren't availble via Home Depot or Lowe's, but can easily be ordered here)


Oh! If you don't want to DIY for this project, you can order a stand just like this via Julie Paisley Photography right here. Enjoy!