Photographer Blythe Winslow says, "Part of my digital workflow includes importing images into Adobe Lightroom, which I feel is the most versatile and useful quick-editing and catalogue software (much more useful than Adobe Brige, for example).  Sometimes, I complete final edits in Lightroom, but, most often, I select an image in Lightoom, press "Command E" on my keyboard, and my image is sent directly to Photoshop, where I run my own custom actions, etc. Next, I just click "Save," in Photoshop (not "Save As") and the image is then saved as a TIFF back in Lightroom. Voila! An easy way to switch between Lightroom and Photoshop without Exporting JPEGs, etc. Lastly, of course, I export my images with Lightroom and select the saving options I want (here I can convert the TIFFs to JPEGs, for example).  Another plus: that means my images wiill be edited in Photoshop in their original, RAW format, which is much more information rich than a lossy JPEG.


1. Import images to Lightroom.

2. Select the image you'd like to edit in Photoshop and press "Command E," or "CTRL E" for PC users.

3. Photoshop is now open...edit away!

4. Click "Save" in Photoshop (not "Save As"), and your image is now saved alongside its RAW counterpart in Lightroom.

5. Export your edited images from Lightroom, if you like!! (Choose options here such as resolution size, watermarks, file type, etc.)